What does "sales" mean?

 The commercial activities of a company can be broken down into the following three processes

Develop products and services

Sell products and services to customers.

3. Delivering products and services to customers to solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

Salespeople are responsible for 2 of these tasks.

In the commercial activities of a company, salespeople https://slimtime.co.jp/  are responsible for earning compensation by selling products and services to customers, which in turn brings sales and profits to the company. Salespeople are experts in finding appropriate sales targets (potential customers) and persuading them to purchase products and services.

Without this sales function, corporate management would not be possible. Without this function, the management of a company would not be possible. It is a position of such importance that it can be said to hold the fate of a company. It is a tough but rewarding job, as you are struggling on the front lines of business.

Sales activities are divided into five major sales processes. 






In each of these processes, salespeople are required to take appropriate actions. In each process, there is one thing that must be kept in mind. This is that the customer always views the salesperson and the product as a set.

The salesperson naturally thinks of himself/herself and the product separately. The customer, however, does not clearly see them separately.

This is where sales tools come in.

Recently, an increasing number of companies have introduced sales support systems called SFA.

When asked, "What is the most important thing for a salesperson to do in his or her job? What is the most important thing for a salesperson to do in his or her job?" Many people answer "sincerity and honesty. But is this really true? Let's think about it from the customer's point of view.

Customers have two fundamental needs when communicating with salespeople. The other is to provide value to you.

Many salespeople try to satisfy only the desire to be treated politely, and end up bowing to the customer. This may indeed make the customer feel closer to you. But if this is all you do, you're missing something important. It is the provision of value to the customer.

If a salesperson is friendly, but unreliable and does not provide value, will the customer want to spend his or her time with you? The relationship with the customer will not deepen unless the customer can trust that the salesperson will provide value to them.

Familiarity and trust. In other words, a good salesperson is one who can demonstrate both charm and dignity to customers. Please make use of sales tools and aim to be a good and loved salesperson.

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